What Iv'e been doing?


Employment Period: 2016 – Present

Position: Head of Graphic Design

Roles and Responsibilities:
Creative for new products. Maintenance of company website. Package design. Studio images & lifestyle images production and retouching. billboards, brochures and catalog design. Icon development according to products features. Monthly signature theme. Providing assets and billboard designs for contractors all around the world.


Employment Period: 2014 – 2016

Position: Senior Designer

Roles and Responsibilities:
Establishing design packages for new small businesses. Personal meetings with customers. Branding / Identity / Stationary / Letterheads / Brochures / Business Cards / Posters design. Working closely with print department also involves paper and print techniques election as best fit for customer requirements.



Employment Period: 2008 – 2011

Position: Team leader

Roles and Responsibilities:
Frontal class infrastructure and personal trainer of SAP system in government offices. Creating and editing Training materials. integration and guidance of team instructors. Communication with development and QA departments, solving system malfunctions. Preparing customization for a new departments.

Graphic Design
Branding, Print and Web. You have to start with a good logo design, strong typography and a strong color scheme and from there the sky is the limit.
You can't realy sell any product without a good image. Studio product images shooting, Life style image production, Image retouching will lead to a complete design.
Before you even start with design you need to think about concepts and the message you want to deliver with your brand. A strong creative will clear the way for all that is yet to come.

What Iv'e learned?

collage of management

2003 – 2007

BA Communication and Management

Major: marketing & Advertisement
(AAA diploma)
Minor: Information technology
(Ness SAP dyploma)

Graduated with honors

Shenkar  design school

2012 – 2013

Interior Building & Environment Design

workshops  integrated with cultural, theoretical and methodological courses. Multi-disciplinary knowledge of engineering and design. Relations between the industry and the academic research, collaboration among departments.

mentor graphic school

2010 – 2016

Advanced graphics courses

Adobe Graphic design
Advanced Photoshop
From print to digital

What Iv'e done with my free time?

I play the guitar and sing along

the playing is not bad but the singing…

I love fancy Cooking and Photographing it

yeah I’m addicted to Instagram

I can spend a whole day watching TV

don't worry I pick only the best

The ocean really calms me down

any sort of natural water source will work

I have a very loud and contagious laugh

and yeah it's supper easy to make it happen

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